I started this site by popular request of my friends and fellow Crossfitters. As I started eating along the guidelines of the paleo diet, I started coming up with my own recipes and ideas. I wanted to make sure that this was a sustainable lifestyle change. In order for me to stick with it I knew it had to be: delicious, easy, and not too expensive. 

I am not a professional chef.  I am not a doctor or a nutritionist. 

I am a mom who is cutting through the propaganda of the American “healthy” diet, to create REAL natural meals for myself and my family.

I am sharing my recipes and thoughts on this deliciously healthy way of eating like our hunter-gatherer ancestors. I hope you’ll join me on this culinary adventure!

For more about me and how I started this paleo lifestyle, please check out my entry “Why Paleo”

As for the simplicity or ease of my recipes:

I want to make sure that you are not intimidated by cooking.  Paleo can be daunting in that, by not eating any processed foods, you need to do a bit more prep work.  I happen to enjoy cooking and have been doing it for years.  So how can I be certain that my recipes will be inviting for the beginner with no knowledge?

Meet my husband. 


The only thing he has ever really made for dinner is reservations. 

From here on out, I will have him do the grunt labor of following the recipes and preparing the dish.  Then he can give some notes on what he thought about the recipe’s ease to prepare. 

Just remember, don’t be afraid!  This can really be fun.

And if my husband can do it, anyone can!


2 responses

30 10 2009
Anna Johnson

Thanks for the recipe ideas! I’m going to try your greens and bacon recipe today – and your chile recipe for Halloween tomorrow! They look delicious! Keep ’em coming! =)

8 02 2011
Liz Toll

The greens and bacon recipe looks awesome. Looking forward to trying it.

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