What is paleo?

7 10 2009

I was introduced to paleo through my gym, Crossfit.  I decided to take a month long nutrition challenge following the guidelines of the paleo diet…basically eating the same types of foods that our hunter-gatherer ancestors ate. 

Basically, you can eat:

unprocessed meats (no lunchmeat or processed chicken)

vegetables, excluding corn, beans (including peanuts and soy in all its forms), and potatoes (although some paleo people eat limited amounts of sweet potatoes)

fruit (although if you wish to lose weight, limit this)


healthy fats like olive oil, avocado, coconut oil, canola oil

also, though you can’t drink it, it’s ok to cook with wine

Eating real, natural, unprocessed foods seemed to make sense to me.  It can be confusing for those curious about it, and downright overwhelming as far as how to eat within the guidlines and not go insane from eating the same meals over and over.  I hope to help by sharing recipes I have invented or modified from non-paleo fare.  Please enjoy, and share any requests or suggestions for food make-overs!




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